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Virtual Vantage Academy - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the student receive a diploma or certificate of completion upon graduation?
Students receive a fully endorsed Michigan Merit Curriculum diploma as long as they have taken all State of Michigan required tests (9th grade MEAP, 11th grade MME) and completed all local graduation requirements.

Do we need to purchase textbooks to go along with the curriculum?
No, it is all online. Edgenuity (formerly Education 2020) does have online content that is text-based with illustrations, similar to a text book.

Does my student have to ever physically be on campus?
Yes, we require students to take tests and exams on-campus in order to ensure academic integrity. Also, we ask that students come in once every 3 week for counseling and review of the student's progress. In addition, there will be posted parent/teacher conferences in the fall and spring semesters which parents and students are required to attend.

Is there a minimum amount of time the student must be online for the program?
Although there is no actual "seat-time" as in a traditional school, students should plan on working a minimum of 1 hour per day per subject. If you look at a traditional school setting students attend approximately 35 hours per week. You should plan on the same in an online program. The difference is you can do it anytime, anyplace, and at any pace.

If a student is having difficulty in a particular subject, is there help available?
In addition to your mentor being available through e-mail, phone and face-to-face, we also have Virtual labs in the building which are staffed by "Highly-Qualified" teachers from 7:55 am.-8:00 pm. Monday – Thursdays and from 7:55 am. – 3:00 pm. On Fridays. A student is more than welcome to come on campus anytime the feel they need additional help with school work.

What type of computer/Internet do I need?
High speed Internet is required to run the online programs. If you are in need of internet or a computer we will supply one for you. You must maintain an acceptable level of performance quarterly to retain the laptop. Upon graduation from the program you will be allowed to keep that laptop as your own personal property. In addition, we have virtual labs with internet access during operating hours.

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“I like being a part of this school because it has helped me get ahead in school. I enjoy working on my own and have developed good study skills.” 
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