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Bangor Home School Partnership

Bangor School District has created a program designed to reach students of all ages and abilities for its own community and beyond. Bangor Public Schools believes that every student is unique, and that education can be adapted to fill the unique needs of students and their families. They realize that students are best served with a variety of choices, and we support your decision to homeschool. We partner with you by providing outstanding elective educational opportunities at no cost to you, right where you are!

Since January 2012 Bangor Public Schools has offered quality classes and other services to homeschool families. All classes of the Bangor Homeschool Partnership are open to all students of Bangor Public Schools depending upon eligibility, scheduling and availability. We do our best to schedule classes and other activities to meet the needs of homeschool families so most classes are scheduled on 1 day per week.

How does this program work?

This a free program paid for by your tax dollars and generously provided and supported by Bangor Public Schools (a school of choice). The Partnership is available to homeschool families from Allegan, Berrien, Cass, Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties.

Students, grades 1-12, sign up as part-time Bangor students. According to HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association), they retain their status as homeschool students as long as parents provide 51% of the students' total education including all core subjects: language arts (reading, spelling, English grammar, writing, literature), math, science, history, and federal and state government. The school district receives tax dollars and in turn we are able to provide the great elective classes your children will enjoy and the chance to socialize with other homeschool families.

A student can take anything less than a full-time load and still be considered a Homeschool student. Full time students are subject to State of Michigan curriculum standard and graduation requirements as well as standardized testing.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Fellowship with other homeschool families in educational and social pursuits.
  • Up to 3 degree based college courses, including books,  free per semester for high school students (see dual enrollment).
  • Our Seated Classes offer your children the opportunity for socialization while they learn in fun and engaging elective courses.  
  • For parents it allows you to concentrate more fully on teaching the core subjects.
  • Free Career and Technical Education through the Van Buren Technology Center.
  • Access to other exciting non-core virtual classes for all ages (see virtuals)
  • Greater understanding of Bangor Public Schools and the diversity within our community.

What's Required?

Elementary (grades 1-5)

  • Students in grades 1-5 must take one or more seated classes and 2 virtual classes. A listing of the virtual class option is under "Enrolled Students" on the main menu bar.

Middle and High School (grades 6-12)

  • Must choose 2 virtual classes and at least one other class option, a seated class or dual enrollment.

What is a Seated Class?
Taking one Seated Class meets the base requirements of the State of Michigan and allows us to fund other services for you. Seated Classes meet each week on school grounds, generally during the regular 8-3:00 school day. Topics can only be non-core subjects (math, science, English, social studies are the core subjects), a certified teacher is involved either as instructor or mentor to the instructor. If you have suggestions or creative ideas we would love to hear them.

Homeschool Classes Listing (pdf)

Other Learning Opportunities

  • Dual Enrollment at one of three local community colleges is an option for Junior and Senior age students. The Bangor Homeschool Partnership will pay tuition (not books and other fees) for qualifying students to attend community college classes.  Any class taken (even if it is a core subject) would be considered an elective on their transcript from Bangor Public Schools
  • CTE (Career & Technical Education) at Van Buren Tech Center for eligible Junior & Senior students. Please see their list of programs. Attending a Tech Center program counts as a seated class.

Important Considerations:

Students must be 5 years of age by Nov. 1st of the academic year for which they are registering, so that applies not only to Fall semester, but to Spring as well.

Students may not be enrolled in the Math and Science Center or any public or private school, including online public academies. This program serves strictly homeschooled students (see Home School FAQ's).

Bangor Public Schools registration paperwork is only required when registering for the first time. In addition to completion of the enrollment form, we require a copy of the student's birth certificate, not the hospital record.

Mentor Teacher Requirement:

To comply with state requirements, we require weekly certified teacher contact with every student (mentor teachers). A Mentor will be assigned to each partnership family to establish once a week, 2-way communication via phone, email, or community class site visits with each student.  Be assured, these teachers will understand their role as simply a point of service for any instructional issues or help that a certified teacher may offer. Mentor teachers will not inquire about any of your classes or schooling other than those electives you have signed up for with the Partnership. They will have nothing to do with your regular homeschool curricula or activities. Even though communication has to be between the mentor teacher and student, of course that can and should take place in the presence of parents when at all possible. The mentor teacher's job is to record that weekly contact (how are your classes going? etc.) has been made, not to record or report anything else.

Count Day Virtual Log-in Requirement:

Count day is a special day for public schools; it is the day they officially count the number of students they can claim as enrolled. For all programs such as ours, in order to show that students are enrolled and active, all students have to log in on each semester's count day, and again 10 times within the following 30 day period. We will send reminders prior to this time as well. It doesn't matter how much time you spend online on count day or the following times, nor does it matter from where you log in, just that you logged in and completed one assignment in each of your virtual classes. We will be able to see and track that activity. Compliance with this process is very important in so that Virtual Vantage Academy can continue providing this program.

Program Compliance:

In order to remain active in the Homeschool Partnership a student must:

  • Complete all dual enrollment classes with a passing grade. Dropping a class will require parents to reimburse the school or be disqualified from the program.
  • Meet the virtual class completion goals as outlined on the virtual class policy on the virtual page of this site.
  • Login the minimum number of times required for count day attendance as outlined in the paragraph above.
  • Maintain weekly contact with assigned mentor teacher. A different mentor teacher may be assigned if this would increase success of contacts.
  • Make a good-faith effort to complete all Seated Classes.

How do I register?

You will need to complete an Enrollment Form. This can be done in person, printed off the site or one can be mailed to you. For more information please contact the office at 269-427-6800, ext. 2100.

When do classes begin?

The Partnership runs on a semester basis:

  • Fall (September - January)  
  • Spring (January - May)

Although our semester officially begins the Tuesday after Labor Day, not all classes begin at the same time.

Virtual Classes: Classes begin as soon as you receive your username and password, usually within 1 week after the start of the semester.


Where is the school located? 
Bangor Home School Partnership is conveniently located in downtown Bangor. The program is located within the Bangor Community Education building at 12 North Walnut Street, Bangor Michigan unless otherwise specified, classes occur there.

If I join, am I committed for the year?
Registration is on a semester by semester basis. You may change any or all classes at the start of a new semester.

Do I need to use a certain curriculum at home?
No. The curriculum you choose for your core classes or any other class is entirely up to you. The school does not inquire about your homeschooling. You may use curricula from anywhere, including online homeschool providers unless that provider is a public school (K12, Michigan Virtual, etc.).

I'm new to homeschooling, where do I find curriculum?
If you want your kids to be at home, but don't want to be responsible for teaching the core subjects, Bangors’ Virtual Vantage Academy may be right for you. At this time they serve students in grades 6-12, providing all curriculum and live mentor teachers through online access and testing at the Lab located in the Community education Building. For more information on this program, contact Lynn Johnson @ 269-427-6800 ext. 2100 or by emailing

Does the Partnership provide books or computers for students?
All core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Government and History) are taught by parents at home, using any curriculum they choose. Partnership classes are strictly elective in nature. The school does not supply books or such materials. Laptops are available to borrow in rare cases where the internet is not available at the student's home and the student is unable to come to the Virtual Lab during after school hours to work on their virtual classes.

All these classes are free?
Yes! There are no class fees for any of our virtual or seated classes . The only expenditures are for adult and/or non-enrolled sibling discounted admission fees for field trips, and expected items that may need to be purchased as a natural consequence of participating in a particular class. Dual enrollment college classes: tuition, regularly assessed fees and books (if you choose to turn them in to Bangor Public Schools) are paid for by BPS.

Are grades or credit given for any classes?
Traditional grades are not generally given for any class (except college classes). All classes are Credit/No Credit except upon student or parent request.

Can my student be part of another school and this Partnership?
Students may belong to any homeschool program, such as co-ops and networks, and be members of the Partnership. Students may not be registered in any public school, including publicly funded (free) virtual (online) schools, academies, and so on. Students may not be counted in any private or parochial school, even on a part-time basis. Students may not be part of another partnership at the same time because by the time the virtual requirements of both programs are fulfilled, the student has reached the maximum reimbursement the state allows, and there is no room for taking any other classes.

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"The Homeschool Partnership has given my kids a chance to meet other homeschooled children and grow friendships. It also gives parents a chance to meet and support one another. Parents can share triumphs and struggles as well as encourage each other. We look forward to it every week."







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